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New Pattern Cloze Test Part - 9

Published on Friday, March 16, 2018
Directions (1-7): In the passage given below, there are blanks, which are to be filled with the options given below. Find out the appropriate word in each case, which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.

  • India must adopt a nuanced approach while the US and China slug it out. The medium- to long-term ------- (1) cause / effects / reason / affect -------- of protectionist policies on innovation and growth may far outstrip any short-term benefits. There is a trade war on the horizon and it has nothing to with Donald Trump’s steel and aluminium tariffs. The White House is now considering punitive measures against China for its ---- (2) alleged/contradict /counter/affirm ---------- theft of intellectual property (IP). This comes on the heels of an investigation by the US trade representative’s office. It raises an important question, one that has been debated in India as well in recent years: Does digital protectionism work? 
  • The success of Japan’s automakers and South Korea’s electronics chaebol notwithstanding—both ------------ (3) assail/attacked/protected/defend ----------- by their governments for many years—the macroeconomic --------- (4) consensus/ conflict/disagreement/dissension ------- on protectionism in conventional industries is well established. It slows innovation and productivity growth, leads to inefficient capital allocation, limits consumers’ options and promotes crony capitalism, among its many sins. But the digital sector is a different kind of beast. Its linkages and value flows are unique. Meanwhile, its newness means there is just China’s example to go by. And the uncomfortable truth is that China has made digital protectionism work thus far. 
  • In 2000, China’s ministry of public security laid the foundations of this protectionist regime with the Golden Shield Project for blocking politically sensitive information. It has ---------- (5) undeveloped / evolved/diminish/emerge --------- considerably since then: web censorship; keeping companies like Facebook and Twitter out of the country entirely; forcing foreign firms to form joint ventures with Chinese partners and transfer IP; and government support for Chinese firms making strategic acquisitions abroad. 
  • China’s tech giants, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu, have grown large enough in this walled garden to now compete internationally with Silicon Valley’s champions. They have also ------------- (6) created / design / dismantled / wreck ------------ the domestic digital infrastructure for the “little dragons”—the next generation of Chinese tech firms. The ------------ (7) cumulative / decline / decrease / lower ----------- effect is that China now has a fair shot at taking the lead in critical future technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to electric vehicles. 

Question 1. 

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Cause
b) Effects
c) Reason
d) Affect
Ans. B

Question 2.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Alleged
b) Contradict
c) Counter
d) Affirm
Ans. A

Question 3.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Assail
b) Attacked
c) Protected
d) Defend
Ans. C

Question 4.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Consensus
b) Conflict
c) Disagreement
d) Dissension
Ans. A

Question 5.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) undeveloped
b) Evolved
c) Diminish
d) Emerge
Ans. B

Question 6.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Created
b) Design
c) Dismantled
d) Wreck
Ans. A

New Pattern Cloze Test Part - 8

Question 7.

Find out the appropriate word: 
a) Cumulative
b) Decline
c) Decrease
d) Lower
Ans. A

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