Most Confusing GK Pointers- Part 103

Published on Tuesday, April 24, 2018


  • Mecca – Islam’s Holiest site located in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Macau – It is an autonomous region on the south coast of China. Also known as Oyster City. 


  • Leading Producer of Copper – Chile. 
  • Leading Producer of Aluminium – China. 


  • India’s first Woman Pilot – Sarla Thakral. 
  • India’s first Women Fighter Pilot – Avani Chaturvedi. 


  • First Country to legalise LGBT Marriage – Netherlands. 
  • First Country in Europe to legalise third gender – Germany. 


  • Mirror used in vehicle headlamp – Concave Mirror. 
  • Mirror used as Rear view Mirror in Vehicle – Convex Mirror. 

#6. Agriculture Acronyms

  • HGCA – Home Grown Cereals Authority. 
  • HLCA – Hill Livestock Compensatory Allowance. 
  • ICM – Integrated Crop Management. 
  • IFM – Integrated Farm Management. 


  • Annual Percentage Rate(APR) is used only for borrowings. 
  • Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) is used only for savings and investments. 


  • DNS – Domain Name System. It is a supporting program which is used by other programs such as email etc. 
  • DDNS – Dynamic Domain Name System. It is used for Manual updating. 


  • Intranet – It is the restricted or local communication network . It can be called as the private network which is created using WWW. 
  • Extranet – It is the private network which uses the Public Telecommunication System and Internet Technology to share the part of business operation or information with the suppliers, partners, vendors, customers and other businesses. 


  • Most populated Island in the world – Java, Indonesia. 
  • Largest Island in the World – Greenland. 

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