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Questions Asked in NABARD Grade A 2018 Exam- Phase I

Published on Monday, May 21, 2018

Agriculture and Rural Development 

1. Milk of which animal contains the highest quantity of fat?
Animal Husbandry- Premium Content

2. Which nutrient is needed for the growth of buds?

3. The method of random sowing is known as?
Cropping System: Premium Content

4. Which of the below is a rabi crop?

5. Which soil is highly porous?- 
Soil Types- premium Content

6. Which nutrient is abundant in cattle dung?
Animal Husbandry Notes: Premium Content

7. Which crop uses minimum water?
Cropping System- Premium Content

8. Govt announced how much msp for kharif crops?
Budget 2018: Video Lecture

9 Soil health cards when launched: 
Soil Health Card Scheme 

10. Pradhan mantri fasal bima yojana rate for rabi crops: 
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana: Scheme Details 

11. Time period for garden bananas to plant Months

12. Most important nutrient for plants
Plant Nutrients- Premium Content

13. Which type of soil is in much amount in India?
Types of Soil in India- premium Content

14. Which soil has maximum water retention?
Irrigation and Water Management- Premium Content

15. Agri marketing budget allocation, export % by our top 1% companies
Budget 2018- Video Lecture

16. Which cow used in draught area
Animal Husbandry

17. Credit of agriculture increased in union budget to how much amount.
Budget 2018- Video Lecture

18. Highest salinity of soil in which state
Soil and Its types- Premium Content

19. Highest acidity of soil in which state
Soil and Its types- Premium Content

20. Mineral present in soil related questions.
Plant Nutrients- Premium Content

21. Which crop required minimum amount of water for its growth.
Cropping System- Premium Content

22. Season asked for banana and sugarcane

23. pH of highest alkalinity of soil.
Soil and Plant Nutrients- Premium Content

24. PM NRLM scheme was launched in which year
NABARD Digest- Part III

25. Which crop has sensitive stage during fruit and flowering.

26. As per census 2011 the literacy rate was increased to how much as compared to that of in 2004.
Census 2011

27. How much area is covered by bull in India?
Animal Husbandry

28. Average rainfall in (mm) in India.
Dryland Agriculture- Premium Content

29. Animal Sheds

30. Furrow depth
Types of Irrigation Schemes and Methods of Field Water Applicationn Plough

31. Adult cow spacing
Most Of The Questions Were Asked From Soil And Types

General Awareness

1. Who among the Following is the first female fighter pilot in India?
    Avani Chaturvedi –
    List of Women Achievers (2017-2018)-

    2. What is India’s rank inInexclusiveDevelopment Index 2018
    62ndInclusive Development Index-2018

    3. Jokapatha Village has got electricity for the first tome since independence, this village belong to which state.

    4. Which UT has become first to run on 100% solar power?
    GKDigest- Diu Smart City becomes first to run on 100% Renewable Energy

    5. The government of MP has launched a scheme for Farmers under which farmer would be paid the difference between official MSP and average model rate for corp. Name Scheme.Mukhya Mantri Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana
    Government Schemes in India 2018 – PDF

    6. Which of the Following Nation is not a SAARC member?
    MyanmarSAARC Countries List 

    7. The 71st CannesfilmFestival Held in which nation?
    8. The first freight Train fromchinato UK is Named ?
    DB Cargo train

    9. Ayushman Bharat Scheme is Related to
    Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission

    10. Annual Buffalo race Held in District of Karnataka is called?
    Gk Digest – March 2017

    11. Kerala has declared the Official Fruit (Mar 2018) as?
    Jack Fruit

    12. Name the Indian Judge who has beenre elected ti ICJ in Nov 2017?
    Dalveer Bhandari
    Judge Dalveer Bhandari Is Re-Elected to the International Court of Justice

    13. As per Maternity Benefits (Amendments ) Act 2017 The Maternity Leaves has been Increased to ?
    12 to 26 weeks
    Maternity Benefits (Amendments) Bill-2016: Key Points

    14. Under the  KUSUM scheme, farmers can earn extra income by Selling extra _____to DISCOMs.
    Solar Power

    KUSUM- Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Maha Abhiyan

    Important Schemes in Union Budget (2018-19)

    15. “Master of Roster “ Refers to the Power of CJI to?
    Constitution of Bench to Hear cases

    16 The First Raj Kapoor Award for Excellence in cinema has given to
    Ramesh Sippy

    17. What was the Theme of 8th Theater Olympics 2018 hosted byNSD ?
    Flag of Friendship
    Theatre Olympics 2018 Commences in New Delhi

    18. Mukhyamantri Mahila Kosh Scheme has recently Launched by ?
    Madhya Pradesh
    List of Government Schemes, Mobile Apps & Web Portal 2018

    19. Who among the following has won 20 grand slams?
    Roger Federer

    20. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum has open up in India in?
    New Delhi

    21. Deendayalupadyay programme is an initiative under which ministry?
    Ans: ministry of rural development.
    NABARD Digest- Part II

    22. Under KELO India school games, talented players will be provided with ____ as financial assistance per annum for 8yrs?
    Ans: Rs.5 lakhs per annum
    NABARD Digest- I

    23. According to IMF report analysis, thegdpgrowth for financial year 2018 is 7.4% and is expecting ____ in 2019
    Ans: 7.8%
    IMF: India to Grow at 7.4% in 2018

    24. Under pradhanmantrifasal bheema yojana max premium paid by farmers of kharif crop is ?
    Ans 2%
    Government Schemes in India 2018 – PDF

    25. Padmabhushan for 2018 is awarded to which cricketer?
    Ans: mahendra singh dhoni

    Awards and Honours 2018 – PDF

    26. TRIFED under which ministry?
    Ministry of Tribal Affairs

    27. Why colour of bag presented duringeconomicsurvey was pink
    Economic Survey- Done Completely

    28. Largest solar plant was started in which state.
    World's Largest Solar Park Inaugurated in Karnataka

    29. Hirakud Dam is located in

    30. What is India’s rank in the Inclusive Development Index, 2018?
    Answer - 62nd (Reports and Schemes: Premium Content)

    Topics Link No. of Questions Asked
    Govt. Scheme PDF 2018 5
    NABARD Digest
    Free + Premium
    Monthly GK Digests 20
    Awards and Honours Awards and Honours 2018 - PDF 2
    Economic Survey Premium Content 5

    Economic and Social Issues

    1.The % of funds given to special  category States  under CSS?
    Answer : 90%

    2 . Sustained increase in General level of prices of goods and services is called ?
    Answer : Inflation
    Inflation-Deflation Concepts- Premium Content

    3. Headline CPI Inflation for 2017-2018 averaged around?
    Answer : 3.3%
    Economic Survey- Premium Content

    4. RBI has Deferred   The implementation of  Indian  Accounting Standards by:
    Answer: 1 year
    RBI Grade B GK Digest- Premium Content- March 2018

    5. Gross value added picture State of economic Activity from The point of view of ?
    Answer : Producers
    Economics- Premium Content

    6. Unemployment  caused by the mismatch between the Workers skills and skills demanded by the recruiters is called :
    Answer : Structural unemployment
    Types of Unemployment- Premium ESI Content

    7. In India , 65 % of population is below?
    Answer : 35 years

    Demographic Trends

    8. Economics growth can be seen as % Increase in?
    Answer : Real GDP

    Concepts of GDP- Premium ESI Content

    9. As per UN Report , India is on the brink of urban revolution ,urban population in the nation is expected to be around ------- by 2031?
    Answer : 600 million

    10. AS per economic survey 2018 the top 1% of the firm's Accounts for what % of exports ?
    Answer : 38%
    Economic Survey- Premium Content

    11. GDP Growth Cause by increase in the amount of inputs available For use or Quantitative increase in Land, LAbour ,capital Is called?
    ANswer : Extensive growth
    Concepts of National Income- Premium Content

    12.As per ILO  (2018) the no of jobless persons in india In 2019 would be :
    Answer : 18.9 million

    13. DAY- NRLM comes under which ministry:
    Answer : Ministry Of rural development
    NABARD Grade A Question Bank I and II

    14. Which sector has been the most vibrant In India in terms of contribution of the national income , FDI  as well as employment:
    Answer : Services sector
    Economic Survey- Premium Content

    15.Grand Innovation challenge has been launched by :
    Answerv : NITI Aayog

    16.Which of the following is not a sustainable development goal?
    Answer: Either internet option or all of the above
    Economic Survey Volume II- Premium Content

    17.Which of the following Statement is correct regarding inflation targeting?
    Answer : All of the above
    Inflation Deflation- Video lecture ( Premium Content

    18.As per SECC, the % of the rural households who are landless and earn their income from manual labour is :
    Answer : 30%
    Census 2011

    19. As per SECC, the % of the rural households Having a Family member who has completed education Up to higher Secondary is?
    Answer : 5.4%
    Expected GK Questions from Census 2011

    20.Latest economics Survey’s Cover Is pink,this has been done in order to ?
    Answer : to underline the gender issues
    Economic Survey

    21 What is the nodal ministry for implementation od MGNREGA?
    Answer:Ministry Of rural development
    NABARD Question bank

    22. HDI is the composite having three parameters life expectancy, per capita income and ?
    Answer : Education
    Human Development Index: Video Lecture+ Notes

    23. In TRIPS, I stands for :
    Answer : Intellectual

    24. Which of the following can be considered as barriers to the international  trade ?( Subsides, local content Requirements etc, )
    ANswer : All of the above
    International Trade: Premium Content

    25. _____ defines the poverty in relation to the economics status Of others members of the society : people are poor if they fall below prevailing Standards Of living in the given societal context ?
    Answer: Relative poverty
    Economic Survey

    27. Which of the Following Sector offers the largest employment but has  the reducing share in the economy ?
    Answer : Agriculture
    Economic Survey

    28. As per 2018 Report By ministry Of shipping ,india’s trading by volume done by maritime transport is ?
    Answer : 95%

    29. Nominal GDP /Real GDOP X 100 IS called?
    GDP Deflator
    Economic Survey

    30. Agriculture Market Infra fund has been setup with an initial allocation of ?
    Answer : 2000 Crore

    Union Budget (2018-19) Highlights 

    31.MGNREGA Gurantees right to ?
    Answer : work
    NABARD Digest- Part I Free Content

    32. CCEA has approved the continuation of PMEGP Beyond 12thPlan (2017-18 to 2019-20) for an outlay of ?
    Answer : 5500 Crore
    March 2018- GK Digest

    33. Right to life and Personal liberty Is enshrined in?
    Answer : Article 21

    34. To Control Climate resilient Agricultural Practices ,Government of Maharashtra , GOI, and West Bengal Government have signed an agreement in April 2018 for ?
    Answer : $420 Million

    35. Which of the following is the second stage in demographic theory of transition?
    Answer : Rapid Decrease in a country’s Death Rate ,While the birth Rate remains the high.

    36. TRIFED comes under Administrative control of Which ministry?
    Answer : Ministry of tribal affairs .

    37. Inverse relationship between Inflation and Unemployment is depicted by ?
    Answer : Philips Curve

    38. RBI Adopted CBI (Combined) as indicator for Inflation Targeting  on the recommendation of ?

    39.As per economic Survey 2018, the percentage of Working Women has declined from 36% in 2005-06 to ___ in 2015-16?
    Answer : 24%
    Economic Survey

    40. _____ is defined as the experience of Everyday life leading Standardization of cultural expressions around the world?
    Answer : Cultural Globalization

    41. As per Economic Survey 2018, formality as defined by  social security is 31% While Formality if defined using GST data is?
    Answer : 53%
    Economic Survey

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