Parajumbles Tricks with Exercises

Para jumbles are a very important topic of English section of most of the competitive exams. It is generally part of every IBPS examination.
In para jumbles, you have to rearrange the parts of a sentence into a meaningful sentence or sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

So, here we are discussing some tips that will help you to solve para jumbles easily.

TIPS for solving Para Jumbles

1) Try to find out clues that will help us to locate qualifier

Clues include pronouns, like he, she, it, this, that, these, those; adverbs like formally, really; article a, an and the; definers like actually, finally, another; connectors like but, yet, both, also and neither nor, or, however, nevertheless. These can help us to find out the qualifiers.

Now the question arises is what is the meaning of qualifier?

Qualifier is a sentence that will tell us something about the following sentence.The following sentence is the Qualified sentence.

2) Locate a Qualifier

Now, with the help of clues, try to find out qualifier and qualified sentences, so that we can make pairs of qualified and qualifier sentences to eliminate the wrong choices given in the question.

3) Eliminate alternatives

After making pairs, start eliminating the wrong choices or options given in the question.

4) Read and try to follow the sequence

In case there is more than one choice, try to follow the sequence of sentences according to the occurrence of the events.

NOTE- Clues can be located with the help of grammatical rules. To solve Para Jumbles, it also requires command over the structure of the sentences and logical sequence of ideas behind sentences. So, you must read books and newspapers carefully and do constant practice.


Rearrange the following sentences:

Duryodhana was a wicked prince.

P - One day Bhima made Duryodhana fall from a tree from which Duryodhana was stealing fruits.

Q - He did not like that Pandavas should be loved and respected by the people of Hastinapur.

R -  Duryodhana specially hated Bhima.

S - Among the Pandavas, Bhima was extraordinarily strong and powerful.

T - This enraged Duryodhana so much that he began think of removing Bhima from his way.


(a) PSQTR                                                                           (b) QTPRS
(c) QSRPT                                                                           (d) PSRQT

Explanation of Example:

To arrange the above example, firstly we have to find the clues that will help us to locate the qualifier. Here the clue is 'he' as it the pronoun used for Duryodhana. So this means Q is the qualifier of sentence 1 and our answer will begin with Q. So with this, we can eliminate options (a) and (d). 

Now, we are left with two choices (b) and (c). We have to decide by the sequence that which sentence should come first.

The option (b) states that T will be the second sentence. Now read T sentence. It does not seem to be an independent sentence as it starts from 'this', representing something that has occurred before this sentence.

So the only option left is OPTION (c), which is the correct answer.
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